5 Best Energy Drinks

Nowadays there's always a need for that extra boost of energy, whether for work, exercise, or just finishing household chores; that's where energy drinks come in.

5 Best Energy Drinks

In today's era of hybrid and remote work setups, the comforting coziness of our homes can be one of the biggest hurdles we face in staying focused and awake during work hours.

Since Red Bull caught on in the 90s, dozens of energy drink brands have popped up, creating a diverse selection of drinks for every kind of energy drinker imaginable. However, it can be overwhelming to sift through a limitless number of options, so we've pared all your possible choices down into a five-item list in the following. This guide should help you decide which energy drink fits your lifestyle and needs the most!

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[1] CELSIUS Essential Energy Drink

CELSIUS has made a splash in the energy drink market with their pre-workout drink. This is due to its impressively healthy (at least compared to dominant market leaders) list of ingredients, which contains no sugar, no sodium, no preservatives, no artificial flavoring or coloring, no high-fructose corn syrup, or controversial compounds like Yellow 5 food dye and Blue 1 food dye. Instead, its ingredients are mostly natural extracts and natural flavors.

This alone is enough to make it stand out, and yet it still manages to compete performance-wise against top energy drinks like Red Bull and Monster, delivering a comparable energy boost without many of the unhealthy add-ons that other drinks feature.

All other factors considered equal, CELSIUS is the obvious choice. The flavor variety-there are almost 20-is also a nice bonus! Most energy drinks don't have the most appealing flavors, but the ability to choose a flavor that most appeals to you make drinking energy drinks a bit more enjoyable.


  • Sugar-free, sodium-free, preservative-free.
  • No artificial flavoring, no artificial coloring, low-calorie.
  • Kosher and vegan-friendly.

Why The CELSIUS Essential is a Great Energy Drink?

While technically marketed as a pre-workout drink, CELSIUS is potent enough to be a healthier, more effective alternative than most energy drinks, which are typically high in sugar. More caffeine means drinking multiple of these can be tricky, but that con can easily be turned into a pro-one drink will last you the whole day!

(+) Large flavor variety so that you can find a flavor you like
(+) High caffeine content means one drink is enough for your entire day
(+) Being sugar-, sodium-, and preservative-free easily makes this the healthiest energy drink you'll find on the market

[2] Monster Energy Zero Ultra

It would surprise many people to know that Monster Energy was established 20 years ago in April 2002, because its surge in popularity did not happen until the early 2010s with its aggressive marketing efforts. That definitely paid off, with Monster being the second-most popular energy drink in the world today, behind market leader Red Bull.

The history lesson aside, Monster Energy is known for the 16-oz can, which is about twice as big as a Red Bull can. These are clearly meant for long-term drinking-a Monster will keep you up through an all-nighter or an all-day affair through sheer volume, making them a good alternative to Red Bull.


  • Sugar-free and low-calorie.
  • Lighter, more refreshing flavor than the original Monster flavor.

Why The Monster Energy Zero Ultra is a Great Energy Drink?

Monster seems to have done the impossible here, creating a ten-calorie, zero-sugar version of their iconic drink, while still largely retaining the same punch. The flavor is lighter than their flagship flavor, but it's a welcome upgrade for anyone who finds the original a bit sweet.

(+) Lighter flavor ideal for people not used to sweet flavors
(+) Same energy boost with fewer calories and no sugar
(+) Long-lasting formula will get you through the day (or night!) on one can

[3] Bang Bangster Berry Energy Drink

Bang's claim to legitimacy stems from its parent company, Vital Pharmaceuticals, Inc. The name makes Bang seem a bit more attractive, as there is implied medical expertise involved in the creation of the product. Given how Bang drinks are tailored to be healthy energy drinks, it's not hard to believe!

Bang is third in market share after Red Bull and Monster, and it's not hard to see why. It perfectly balances the health benefits with the energy-boosting effects, without sacrificing either one too much.

With over 20 flavors, Bang is also great if the standard flavors of Monster and Red Bull are not to your liking. There are plenty of unique flavors to choose from and explore, such as Cotton Candy, Pina Colada, or Lemon Drop.

Being owned by a pharmaceutical company has its perks-Bang's claim to fame is its zero-carbohydrate content. The zero-carb point is important: The presence of carbohydrates may cause spikes in your blood sugar level, which are uncomfortable if not addressed.


  • Sugar-free, carb-free, crash-free.
  • Great taste.
  • Gluten-free and vegan-friendly.

(+) A large flavor variety means plenty of choices for the consumer to make, instead of having to tolerate a flavor they don't like
(+) No crash means no sudden drop in energy levels after the drink wears off
(+) Being sugar-free means this energy drink is safe to consume for people who are monitoring their blood sugar levels, or simply watching their weight

[4] Reign Total Body Fuel

To those who might be unaware, Reign is another product from Monster, much like how Coca-Cola owns both Sprite and Coca-Cola. True to their branding, Reign is for consumers who want to turn up the heat to 11: One 16-oz. can of Reign contains 300 milligrams of caffeine, which is nearly double Monster's 160 milligrams!

Advertised as a pre-workout drink, Reign is aimed toward bodybuilders and gym-goers who need a big boost of energy before a workout, but this can be consumed by anybody. Caution must be taken if you are sensitive to caffeine, as a can of Reign has almost four times the amount of caffeine as a can of original Red Bull (about 80 grams of caffeine).

Reign is great for those heavy workdays that require you to be 100% all throughout, so those 300 milligrams of caffeine will definitely come in handy.


  • Dense caffeine content: 300 milligrams per can as compared to Monster's 160 milligrams per can.
  • Zero sugar, 10 calories, zero artificial flavorings and coloring.

Why The Reign Total Body Fuel is a Great Energy Drink?

Reign is technically a pre-workout rather than a simple energy drink, so understandably it packs a bigger punch than most of the other entries on this list. Take note that the recommended daily limit of caffeine is about 400 milligrams. Clocking in at a hefty 300 milligrams, one can of Reign should probably be where you set your daily limit.

(-) Insanely dense caffeine content may be too much to handle for caffeine-sensitive people (+) Natural caffeine makes for a longer-lasting, more potent energy boost
(+) Large flavor variety means plenty of appeal for different people

[5] Red Bull Energy Drink

The undisputed leader of the energy drink market, Red Bull has been at the forefront of the market since the 1990s. The iconic blue and silver packaging is hard to miss and is universally recognizable-and as far as energy drink needs are concerned, Red Bull will almost always do the job well.

Red Bull has since expanded into other flavors such as Red Bull Yellow Edition, Blue Edition, Red Edition, Coconut, and Peach. Whatever your choice, it's always a safe bet that Red Bull will get the job done.


  • Red Bull contains 80 milligrams of caffeine per can, which is noticeably lower than the other options on this list, but about the same as a cup of coffee.
  • Red Bull contains 27 g of sugar, as opposed to the sugar-free options on this list. The sugar content of one can of Red Bull is about comparable to a glass of apple juice.
  • An iconic candy-like sweet flavor.

Why Red Bull is a Great Energy Drink?

A timeless classic, Red Bull is typically good enough for most purposes. Whether it's an all-nighter before an exam or cramming a project for a release deadline or other attention-intensive work, Red Bull gives you a steady boost of energy without compromising your health due to excess caffeine.

(-) A caffeine level of 80 grams might be a bit underwhelming for people used to more intense drinks, so you might need to purchase and consume multiple cans of Red Bull before you can begin to feel the energy boost from the drink. (+) A more moderate caffeine level means Red Bull is easier to drink for people with sensitive stomachs. These can be drunk in a shorter period of time with few, if any, side effects.
(+) Red Bull is commonplace and affordable, and can be purchased from virtually anywhere. Some other items on this list may not be available at stores near you, but Red Bull will almost always be available on the shelf.


These popular energy drinks will surely boost your energy. Try them all and tell us your favorite.

Note that energy drinks are usually packed with sugar, preservatives, and artificial flavors which hold the risk of raising blood pressure and heart attack, so make sure not to drink too much of them.

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