5 Best Family Vehicles - 2022

Choosing the best family vehicle for you may be overwhelming with different car companies' wide range of options. We Got You Covered.

5 Best Family Vehicles - 2022

Whether your family is growing in numbers or you're the type who likes to go on long road trips, using family vehicles is a great way to make your travel with family safer, more convenient, and less expensive.

To help you narrow down your choices, we've put together five of the best family vehicles for different types of passengers, seating capacity, and overall usage. We also included general pros and cons to give you a more balanced perspective on each family vehicle.

[1] Subaru Outback

Subaru Outback

The Subaru Outback is one of the most budget-friendly family vehicles and is one of its company's best-selling cars. We have listed some of its best features to know more about the car.


  • The 2022 model has 9.5 inches of ground clearance and X-MODE standard, making it more stable when going through rocky surfaces.

  • The car comes with a built-in eyesight driver assist technology that will alert the driver if they are slowly going out of a lane.

  • When the car senses that a nearby vehicle can potentially hit it, it will automatically trigger its brakes through its automatic pre-collision braking feature.

  • It can drive up to 182 horsepower that can reach the range of 600 miles.

  • Its touchscreen multimedia system is integrated with Apple CarPlay, making it easier to connect within the Apple ecosystem.

Why Subaru Outback Is Best for Families Who Love Outdoor Trips?

Since the Subaru Outback has built-in up-to-date technology, driving in long ranges becomes less hassle. Since it has high ground clearance, you will not have to worry about the vehicle getting stuck in thick snow, tall grass, and rocky roads.

As the Subaru Outback is one of the many family vehicles offered by their company, you can expect to see a new model every two years. Their frequent release ensures you that their vehicles are utilizing the latest technologies.

(-) It can be outdated quickly because newer models are released frequently (+) The built-in emergency features reduce the chances of driver-related accidents
(-) Its technology integration can increase incorrect emergency detection while on the road (+) The technology integrated into the family vehicle is up to date
(-) It is a mid-size vehicle, meaning the backside of the car has space for storage rather than additional seats (+) You can use family vehicles such as this in short or long-range drives

[2] Ford Expedition

Ford Expedition

The Ford Expedition ensures that passengers maximize their space and cargo within the car's interior space. It has been named one of the best full-size SUVs because of its spacious interior and classic exterior, and it is no surprise why many buyers gravitate towards family vehicles from Ford.


  • It is a full-size SUV, which can accommodate up to eight people inside, leaving little unusable space inside.

  • The family vehicle has a hands-free driving system that allows the driver to break from the driving while on a highway.

  • It comes with a fuel-saving engine uncommon for other family vehicles with similar dimensions.

  • It comes with a 15.5-inch touchscreen display which is vertically oriented, similar to a Tesla.

Why Is Ford Expedition The Best for Big Families?

Ford Expedition's interior helps maximize its seating space while still giving passengers enough leg space in the cabin. For families who like traveling with a lot of cargo, the Ford Expedition is best for them as they have the option to switch the third seating row for additional space. Since this family vehicle is 21- inches long, there is also room to place cargo on its roof.

(-) It can be more challenging to drive family vehicles such as the Expedition in small spaces despite their size (+) The third-row seats are foldable, so you have the option for extra storage space in the family vehicle
(-) There have been complaints about how uncomfortable its leather seats are, especially to children onboard (+) The latest Ford Expedition model can detect basic voice commands
(-) Despite the family vehicle's 15.5-inch touchscreen display, the device does not have options for brightness adjustment (+) Its spacious interior and exterior body can fit more passengers and cargo without being too uncomfortable
(+) It can carry a heavy load as it is designed to be a family vehicle for highway and outdoor trips

[3] Toyota Highlander

Toyota Highlander

When it comes to family vehicles in the midsize SUV field, the Toyota Highlander has long been on the list of reliable cars. As it is a model under Toyota, you can depend on its durability and safety when on the road. With how long people still use this car over the years, you can expect to get your money's worth if you buy one.


  • The Toyota Highlander is a midsize SUV with three rows that can accommodate eight passengers.

  • It is integrated with an emergency braking system to prevent collision if the driver doesn't brake manually fast enough.

  • The family vehicle's built-in infotainment system comes with Apple CarPlay and Amazon Alexa for easier Bluetooth connection from different devices.

  • It has four drive modes: snow, eco, sport, and normal, depending on the environment you need it to pass through.

  • Its fuel economy is above average, and it can accommodate up to 300 horsepower for driving which is relatively faster than other missive SUVs.

Why Toyota Highlander Is Best for Small to Medium-sized Families?

Many family vehicle owners already trust Toyota Highlander because of how long you can use it without maintenance. Since it has three seating rows, you can comfortably fit up to six children in the car without overcrowding their space. You can also fold the third row back to have additional storage space if you don't use it often.

Overall, it is one of the safest family vehicles to buy if you only have a few children. The car ensures you stable and secure driving, and it is a comfortable interior.

(-) With its base rate at around $35,200, people consider it relatively more expensive than midsize SUVs (+) The IIHS recognizes it as one of the safest family vehicles at present
(-) The Toyota Highlander has no unique color and design, making it less noticeable in traffic (+) Over time, it holds its value because its quality doesn't depreciate fast compared to other SUVs
(-) Despite its three rows, the third row has shorter leg space, so it may be uncomfortable for adults to sit there

[4] Hyundai Santa Fe

Hyundai Santa Fe

The Hyundai Santa Fe is known for its compatibility and design because of its two-row seating interior. With a newly released 2022 design, this family vehicle is one of the best midsize crossover SUVs that can transport nearly as effectively as other large SUVs.


  • Priced at a base rate of $27,000, Hyundai Santa Fe is a relatively more affordable SUV than similar midsize family vehicles.

  • It comes with remote assistance options that can help drivers park the car in tight spaces while being outside the vehicle-you can control the vehicle's movement through your phone.

  • The family vehicle assists the driver in staying in the lane through its highway driving assist system.

Why Hyundai Santa Fe Is Fit for Small Families With More Adults?

Since the family vehicle has two rows, it will be more difficult to accommodate more than seven passengers. Its sleek design makes it more comfortable for adults who would like bigger leg space in the car. Its gas mileage also helps the driver save a few dollars as its engine works well despite less than regular field changes.

(-) It cannot accommodate more than eight passengers and heavier cargo than other midsize SUVs (+) Hyundai Sants Fe's smart sense safety features make it easier and safer to use, even for new drivers
(+) It has a lower starting price than other midsize SUVs despite its modern design

[5] Kia Telluride

Kia Telluride

The 2022 Kia Telluride combines a modern design with a reliable engine. Currently, it is at the top of the list of best three-row SUVs thanks to its added technology features and better long-range performance.


  • The family vehicle has a highway driving assist feature that will automatically adjust the car's speed when it finds it necessary.

  • Its exterior is easily customizable depending on the design you wish to add.

  • Thanks to its blind-splot side mirror adjustment, the car has an improved outward vision.

Why Kia Telluride Is the Best Family Vehicle If You're Looking for An Upgrade?

The Kia Telluride has improved integrated technology that makes the ride safer and more convenient for drivers, even with kids onboard. It offers a read-seat alert to the driver when it senses a disturbance in the seat through the car door sound.

Its modern design is also a catch if you're upgrading from an old SUV design because although it looks narrower, it can still hold up to eight passengers.

(-) There are complaints of getting car sickness when driving at high speed because of the lack of stability in its interior (+) The family vehicle has a spacious interior in all its three rows
(-) There are no hybrid models to be released aside from its 2022 model (+) It is easier to see and adjust the side mirror because you can adjust the angles without reaching out the windows

Guide in Choosing the Best Family Vehicle

  • Set your budget and find the best family vehicle for your goal
    When buying the best family vehicle for you, you need to consider different expenses aside from actually purchasing the car: maintenance, licenses, and insurance. If you are eyeing a family vehicle beyond your budget, you need to consider if paying it in installments is feasible, given the other expenses required.

  • Consult your family and make a collective decision
    Although it's usually the ones who pay who have the final say, knowing what your family feels about the family vehicle is necessary to determine the possible issues they can have with it in the future. For example, if you have a child, let them try the seats to find out if they are comfortable with them and if it is safe for them.

  • Buy the family vehicle so that you can maximize its use
    If you are a family who usually goes out to hike on weekends or go on road trips to a different city, buying an SUV that is not fuel-saving will cost you a lot. On the other hand, if you rarely go on planned trips and only use the family vehicle for daily work-home-school trips, buying a mid-size car that will fit your family will be best for you.

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