5 Best Infant Car Seats

If you are a parent and would love to do road travel or just a simple car ride around town with your little ones, one of the essential things to secure is the comfort and safety of the children. Most significantly, the infants.

5 Best Infant Car Seats

Choosing the best infant car seats should always be the top priority to enjoy such fun activities on the road with your infants. And if you are wondering where to look for an infant car seat with high-quality and good reviews, here are the best five that you could check out.

Best Option #1 Doona Infant Car Seat View on Amazon
Best Option #2 Chicco KeyFit 30 Zip Infant Car Seat View on Amazon
Best Option #3 MESA Infant Car Seat View on Amazon
Best Option #4 Graco SnugFit 35 Infant Car Seat View on Amazon
Best Option #5 Baby Trend Secure Snap Tech 35 Infant Car Seat View on Amazon

[1] Doona Infant Car Seat

Doona is the first-ever travel system for infants that could transform from a car seat into a stroller-built with materials that could secure the safety of your little one.


  • It has one simple motion that operates from the car seat into the stroller function.
  • It has a five-point harness in it.
  • The handlebars are adjustable and double as an anti-rebound bar inside the vehicle.
  • It is easy to wash. The textiles are all removable.
  • All materials used in the product have new and improved inner foams, and all are safe for the baby.
  • TUV and FAA-approved aircraft for travel.

Why The Doona is a Great Infant Car Seat?

Because of its ingenious construction, Doona is an excellent product. Parents who have infants will enjoy utilizing it, particularly those who travel quite a bit or spend a lot of time with their families in settings other than their own homes.

(-) The Doona Car Seat has a short life span depending on the infant's growth. Children may use the Doona until they exceed 32 inches in height, 35 pounds in weight, or there is less than a one-inch gap between the child's head and the top of the car seat. (+) The Doona Infant Car Seat can convert into a stroller, making it the first and only convertible car seat, which is advantageous for parents. If the infant is blissfully asleep, it will not be disturbed.
(-) If your child outgrows it, the Doona cannot be used as a stroller. (+) There is no need to juggle a car seat and a stroller in the vehicle because you will only need to bring one item that serves two purposes. If only one parent travels, perhaps for a quick trip to the grocery store, this product will fix the problem.
(+) The Doona car seat won't take up too much space, which is ideal for airline travel or taxi rides.

[2] Chicco KeyFit 30 Zip Infant Car Seat

America's top-rated baby car seat for its easy-to-install features secures the infant's safety and comfort.


  • The canopy has full car seat coverage and an extended zip mesh for ventilation.
  • Accessible boot zip.
  • Removable seat pad, washable.
  • It supports the head and the body of the baby.
  • One-hand release, click-in automobile base.
  • One-pull 5-point harness.
  • SuperCinch LATCH Tightener.

Why The Chicco KeyFit 30 Zip is a Great Infant Car Seat?

The latch tightener and various adjusting mechanisms make the Chicco KeyFit 30 reliable and easy to use. It will help parents load and install the Infant Car Seat without stress.

(-) It has a coarse fabric (+) Easy to install
(-) It is much heavier compared to other Chicco car seats (+) Affordable
(-) Without the base, it is not easy to install.

[3] MESA Infant Car Seat

The MESA car seat has auto-retracting LATCH connectors and a visual indication that glows green if installed correctly.


  • The latch connectors are all retractable.
  • It comes with an insert that is perfect for newborns and even preemies.
  • It has a visual color indicator for the belt.
  • It protects from side impact.

Why The MESA is a Great Infant Car Seat?

The UPPA baby Mesa Infant Car Seat is very simple because it doesn't have too many straps to pull, unlike any other stroller brand. The base's four-position foot fits different car seat slopes. When appropriately set, the base's level indicator flashes green.

(-) It has a heavyweight (+) It is highly recommendable and rated for the infant's safety
(-) It is an expensive car seat (+) Adjustable harness and headrest simultaneously
(-) The headrest and harness straps are far apart (+) It has storage pockets for the harness buckles
(+) Fire-resistant fabric

[4] Graco SnugFit 35 Infant Car Seat

Graco's SnugFit Infant Car Seat provide the latest safety technologies and easy installation. Your child's headrest and harness can be adjusted together.

It also incorporates Graco ProtectPlus for the front, side, rear, and rollover protection. Anti-Rebound Bar adds rear-facing safety in a collision.


  • It is built with a 4-position adjustable base which offers four recline positions.
  • Head and body support for infants are comfortable.
  • The pendulum level indicator's easy-to-read display makes installation a breeze.
  • It has a Silent Shade canopy that adjusts quietly so it won't disturb the sleeping baby.

Why The Graco SnugFit 35 is a Great Infant Car Seat?

This infant car seat is far more affordable than others of its kind while still maintaining a quality level comparable to that of more expensive models. It is made of a gentle fabric that will not irritate the baby's skin, and it is not difficult to set up inside of a vehicle.

(-) The design of the canopy makes the carrying handle difficult to use (+) Compatibility is assured with all Graco ClickConnect Stroller models
(-) There is no little infant insert for lighter newborns (+) It has a base with four different reclining positions
(+) It is not heavy, which makes it easier to install

[5] Baby Trend Secure Snap Tech 35 Infant Car Seat

Securing your child in the Secure Snap Fit 35 Infant Car Seat is simple and safe. This 35-pound infant car seat has a replaceable 4-piece grow-with-me insert in luxurious materials.

The seat has an extra-large canopy with a visor for maximum sun protection. Aside from the revolutionary side impact head protection, the base offers four recline modes and convenient push-button latch connectors for a secure installation in your vehicle. The innovative delta grip handle enables comfortable and easy transport.


  • EPS foam for side-impact head protection.
  • 5-point harness, one-hand adjustability, push-button release.
  • Its base can recline to four positions.
  • Its latch connectors are flexible.
  • The integrated belt-locking mechanism for use when mounting with vehicle belts is built-in.

Why The Baby Trend Secure Snap Tech 35 is a Great Infant Car Seat?

The Secure Snap Tech 35 Infant Car Seat is very simple to install, and its detachable cushions ensure the child's safety and make the ride more pleasant for the child. If the infant in the backseat is content, has adequate space, and can fall and stay asleep, the parents will have a peaceful and enjoyable trip.

(-) The clips of the car seat might be difficult to handle (+) It has an EPS energy-absorbing foam that adds protection to the baby
(+) It was built with a three-panel canopy that protects the baby from harsh weather
(+) Simple one-handed operation

Buying Guide

Hospitals or even your doctor highly recommend purchasing a car seat when you have a newborn on board. It is crucial to be meticulous and knowledgeable about infant car seats when you plan to buy one. We are talking about the safety and protection of your little one here.

Here are some of the things to take note of when buying an infant car seat.

[1] Safety

The first item to examine is the infant car seat's safety. Not all have baby-safe materials or are even legal in your country. When purchasing a car seat, ensure that the brand has been evaluated and is an approved product.

[2] The Size of the Car Seat

When selecting an Infant Car Seat, the size is the second most important factor. It is critical for parents of premature babies to ensure that the car seat has a newborn insert to keep the baby safe and secure. Choose a car seat appropriate for your baby's height and weight so that they are not uncomfortable and don't get hurt.

[3] The Comfort

What is worse than getting stuck in traffic? A crying baby in the back seat! With a comfortable Infant Car Seat, the baby will have a good sleep and one factor to consider is to make sure that the car seat has extra paddings and materials that are breathable and comfortable when the baby is sleeping.

[4] Installation Process

With your regular visit to the grocery or some errands for the week, you will constantly bring your infant car seat, so it is better to look for one that is easy to install. As much as possible, avoid the ones with many straps. With so many processes installing the infant car seat in the car, you will eventually be stressed out. Look for a car seat that is easy for you to install even if you travel alone.

[5] Maintenance and Portability

The Infant Car Seat should be easy to wash since you always use it. The fabric should be easy to remove and washable. It should also be portable so that you won't have a hard time bringing it anywhere. You should also consider the handlebars that work for you.


When it comes to the safety of our children, we should base on other people's suggestions or opinions. Rather, we should also do thorough research about the product and the store where you could buy the infant car seat.

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