5 Best Mobile Phone Accessories

What good is a phone if its accessories don't accompany it? The aim of a mobile phone is not solely to protect or secure the gadget itself but rather to enhance the value of its features.

5 Best Mobile Phone Accessories

Various mobile phone accessories will help you utilize the features more efficiently and helpfully. In this post, we have listed the five best mobile phone accessories on the top list of bestsellers.

Best Option #1 Apple AirPods (2nd Generation) View on Amazon
Best Option #2 Apple EarPods with Lightning Connector - White View on Amazon
Best Option #3 Apple AirTag View on Amazon
Best Option #4 2-Pack Miady 10000mAh Dual USB Portable Charger, Fast Charging Power Bank View on Amazon
Best Option #5 Yootech Wireless Charger,10W Max Wireless Charging Stand View on Amazon

[1] Apple AirPods (2nd Generation)

The second generation of the popular wireless headphone, Apple Airpods, has a design similar to the first generation. At first look, you can visibly see that it has identical features, but once you start using the AirPods, you will realize the difference between the two.


  • It has a Li-lon battery, non-removable.
  • The Airpods - with a single charge, are good to use for five hours in listening to music, voice calls, or watching on your phone and for three hours when you do phone calls.
  • A dual beamforming microphones.
  • It also has a dual optical sensor, motion and speech detecting accelerometer.

Why Buy The Apple AirPods (2nd Generation)?

With its upgrade based on the reviews of the first generation of Apple AirPods, the second generation offers more extended battery life convenient for people who primarily use their mobile phones to make calls or attend virtual meetings.
Its newly-built ACC audio guarantees a newly upgraded sound.

(-) The Airpods won't fit everyone's ears. It might slip or be too narrow for some people (+) Its wireless performance is excellent and reliable
(-) It doesn't block the external sound that well (+) The Airpods 2 is more accessible to set up on devices
(-) Like the first generation, you still can't connect the Airpods 2 on multiple devices (+) The battery life is more reliable than the first generation
(+) Its wireless pad makes it easier for the battery case to recharge

[2] Apple EarPods with Lightning Connector

With its simple yet pretty decent for everyday casual listening, the Apple Earpod is well-built and comfortable to utilize its features for your mobile phones.


  • It's a handset type earphone.
  • Built with an iPhone plug.
  • The volume control is digital with two buttons.
  • Built-in microphone.

Why Buy The Apple EarPods with Lightning Connector?

Even though it is more uncomfortable to use when you do some morning run, this Earpod is suitable for commuting or watching a whole season of a television series.

It is more passive and portable since you don't need to charge it to use it. It can be carried anywhere without worrying if it will run out of battery life, unlike the Airpods.

(-) It will quickly fall out from your ears, especially if it's a bit wet from your sweat (+) The Earpods have a portable design, not too tricky to utilize
(-) The bass and the treble vary among users (+) The controls, which is the button for volume, are too easy to access

[3] Apple AirTag

With this mobile phone accessory, I doubt you will lose your gadgets again. It will locate your other devices connected to this accessory even if it's miles away from you.


  • This device is water-resistant, so no worries if you accidentally drop it in your swimming pool.
  • Built with a GPS tracking system.
  • It works well with cats.
  • It weighs less than one ounce.

Why Buy The Apple AirTag?

This mobile device accessory is perfect for people who forget where they put their mobile phones or other devices.
It is easy to set up and has a better directional finding system.

(-) It is not compatible with android mobile phones (+) It is reliable and too accurate that you can assure yourself that you will find what you have lost
(-) You can't put a lanyard or a keyring - It has no holes (+) It will give you a directional cue to know where to find your device
(-) Unfortunately, the anti-stalking feature of AirTag is limited (+) Wherever your device is, it can send the location regarding the distance
(+) The battery is replaceable and available on Amazon

[4] 2-Pack Miady 10000mah Power Bank

This mobile phone accessory device is a must for everyone with its amazing features and value.


  • It has two USB output ports for devices. USB Type C and micro-USB.
  • It has a Li-polymer Cell that is lighter, slimmer, and much safer.

Why Buy The 2-Pack Miady 10000mah Power Bank?

This accessory should be on the top list of devices to carry. It is perfect for people who travel a lot or for those who do outdoor activities. Charging stations are not always available everywhere.
The 2-Pack Miady 10000 Power Bank is a must mobile phone accessory.

(-) Unlike any other power bank, it will take a longer charging time (+) It is perfect for a mobile phone with a type C USB charging port and a micro-USB type
(+) It is built with dual outputs

[5] Yootech Wireless Charger

This wireless charger is recommendable as an alternative to an expensive wireless charger.


  • It has three modes for charging, available for different mobile phones.
  • It is also perfect to use for Airpods.
  • It has a sleep friendly design that gives off green light when a power source is connected and will automatically turn off if it's not in use.

Why Buy The Yootech Wireless Charger?

Yootech Wireless Charger is one of the best sellers' mobile phone accessories because it is very affordable and a great alternative when you can't afford the expensive one.

Not all wireless charger is compatible with iPhone users but not Yootech. It has features that perfectly suit your apple devices.

(-) It doesn't have a wall adapter (+) This device is affordable
(+) It performs well and is excellent for its selling price

Buying Guide

You might be excited to buy phone accessories when you get yourself a new phone. But keep in mind that you can't just purchase without knowing what you need, what is the perfect addition for your mobile phone, and if it's safe to use.

Here are some guides for you if you will buy yourself mobile accessories:

  • Check what type of charger
    Every mobile phone has a different kind of charger, and a charger is a must-have for you to access and utilize your mobile phone. Some chargers are only suitable for iPhone devices, and some are perfect for android users alone.
    There are also wireless chargers available but not all mobile phones would charge on them. You need to know what type of charger you need and check its compatibility with your phone.

  • Checking out the model compatibility
    Whatever trendy mobile accessory you choose, always check to ensure it is compatible with your mobile phone before purchasing. Select and purchase an accessory that has suitable features with the model of your phone.
    If you purchase a mobile accessory that is too different from your phone's model, it may cause damage to the phone.

  • How it will protect your mobile phone
    One of the most critical factors to consider when purchasing mobile phone accessories is how the accessories will safeguard the mobile device itself. A phone case and a screen protector may suffice, but more is required. Certain smartphones are impervious to dirt and dust, while others are not waterproof.
    When purchasing a mobile accessory, keep in mind the level of protection your phone requires.
    You can get a waterproof case to keep your phone from being wet and more solutions based on your needs.

  • The efficiency and style of the mobile accessories
    You might want something trendy and an upgraded version of mobile accessories, but will it be efficient for you? You need something to help you rather than make everything hard for you.
    The style may not be as trendy as you want, but the features matter. Look for something that will be a great help to you in so many aspects.
    A mobile accessory you wish should be easy to use, accessible, and efficient.

  • What mobile accessories do you need?
    Before adding products to your online shopping carts, think about which mobile phone accessories you necessarily require. Keeping up with what's new and popular nowadays is entirely acceptable, but prioritizing what you really need is important.
    Make a list of what mobile phone accessories you need.


To conclude, the mobile phone accessories are important just like the mobile phones because they are made to help you utilize and enhance the features on your mobile phone devices. It could be something that will help you to be more flexible, accessible, and available all the time.

Using a mobile phone alone would be difficult without mobile phone accessories such as power banks, charger, earphones, etc. Especially for those who work online, for people who travel a lot, and even for stay-at-home moms.

When you have mobile phone accessories, you can save time and worry by using them. Remember what to look for when purchasing a mobile device; don't always go with the latest fashion; instead, focus on what you need; always prioritize security and protection, not only for your mobile device and mobile phone accessories but also for your own wellbeing.

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