5 Best Travel Trailers

After all, camping or traveling is only fun if you have the right travel trailer with you. You can make your trips more worthwhile and memorable by choosing the best one that fits your budget, itinerary, and number of people.

5 Best Travel Trailers

If you're an avid traveler or camper but don't want to spend too much on accommodations, then getting a travel trailer is a good choice. It has all the amenities you would need just like you're living in a house or an apartment.

There are many options to choose from in the market as technology has been improving in making our lifestyles better. They come in many different sizes and have different features, depending on what type of travel trailer you would need. If you're still struggling with which travel trailer is best for you, here are our top 5 picks on the best travel trailers.

What is an RV?

A travel trailer is a type of RV or a recreational vehicle that has more amenities and features than a regular RV. These amenities include kitchens, bedrooms, dining rooms, and even bathrooms. Bigger travel trailers come with bunk beds and larger interior and storage space, perfect if you're traveling with your family or with a large group of friends. These travel trailers are then towed behind a vehicle so that you can bring them with you on your travels.

[1] Bowlus Terra Firma

The Bowlus' line of luxurious travel trailers has released a new model called Terra Firma back in 2021, making it its most lavish one yet. The Terra Firma gives you this sense of adventure as you feel as if you are one with the world. It's easy to maneuver as it is being towed behind your car, giving you a hassle-free exploration experience.


  • Kitchen, Bathroom and Bedroom.
  • Built-in water and HEPA air filters.
  • Pet bed with bbuilt-in pet food and water bowls.
  • Packed with lithium iron phosphate battery pack.
  • King size bed can be converted to twin size.
  • Shower and toilet are separated.

Why the Bowlus Terra Firma is a Good Travel Trailer?

The simplicity of the model gives off an elegant vibe as its interior is colored in neutral tones. There are many amenities included that are designed to make you feel as if you are in a hotel. Its seats are lined and upholstered with linen so that even your pets can find comfort in your traveling home. The exterior has a chrome finish that is sure to protect you from any type of weather and other external dangers.

Indeed, Bowlus models of travel trailers always hit the mark when coming up with luxurious and pet-friendly travel trailers. Although a bit expensive, with a whopping price of $265,000, it delivers everything that any camper would need.

(-) Expensive (+) Luxurious and stylish
(+) Has built-in features that most RVs don't have

[2] Grand Design Reflection Travel Trailer

This travel trailer is good for families or when you're traveling with a group of friends as its vast interior can certainly accommodate the number. The Grand Design Reflection combines value, luxury, and towability in one package, giving you a wonderful experience as you explore the outdoors.


  • Kitchen, Bathroom and Bedroom.
  • Living room, Theatre Area and Dinette.
  • Has motion censored lighting.
  • Has built-in Bluetooth sound system.

Why the Grand Design Reflection is a Good Travel Trailer?

It comes with a number of features that every family would need when traveling or camping. The amenities are numerous and the interior is phenomenal. There are couches that face the LED TV, giving you an authentic theater experience in the comfort of your travels. There are even flippable bunk beds to ensure that each member of the family or group has a place to sleep.

The travel trailer has a mid-range price of $60,375, a good deal for a luxurious RV such as the Grand Design Reflection Travel.

(-) Big and bulky (+) Spacious
(+) Comfortable

[3] Jayco White Hawk

The Jayco White Hawk travel trailer combines luxury with convenience. This travel trailer is a good choice for beginner campers or travelers looking for an RV that is within budget and has all the amenities they would need in their adventures. With its spacious interior, this travel trailer can accommodate a good number of people that you can bring along with you in your trips.


  • Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom and Dining room.
  • Entertainment Area.
  • Electric fireplace.
  • Sofa-bed and Bunk beds.

Why the Jayco White Hawk is a Good Travel Trailer?

This line of models mostly has queen-size beds in the bedroom, but some offer king-size beds as well. If you have children coming along with you, some models have bunk beds. Should there be any guests, the tri-fold sofa can be turned into a bed as well. The lounge and entertainment area is a sight to see as there is a built-in LED TV and an L-shaped sofa for your entertainment. The exterior is innovative and stylish, perfect for taking those insta-glam-worthy pictures during your travels.

The weight and size vary for each model but have roughly the same floorplans. They only differ from one another depending on how many people you wish to accommodate, and which amenities you would like to have been built in. This travel trailer has a mid-range price of $48,402, which is a steal since you get comfortable and spacious living for your trips.

(-) Big and Bulky (+) Has all the amenities you need
(+) Spacious and Comfortable

[4] Winnebago Hike

The Winnebago Hike is a small yet comfortable travel trailer, perfect for those that are going for lighter towability or a travel trailer that doesn't require much space. The size and weight of the RV would depend on the model but they usually range from 4,200 pounds to 6,000 pounds. Able to accommodate smaller groups of people, the Winnebago Hike can typically be enjoyed by three to four people comfortably.


  • Bathroom, Bedroom, Dinette and Kitchen.
  • AV System, Bluetooth, USB charge ports and Wifi prep.
  • Wireless cellphone charger.
  • Heating and cooling system.
  • Roof mount solar prep.
  • 6-gallon gas/electric/DSI water heater.

Why the Winnebago Hike is a Good Travel Trailer?

Although limited in space, the Winnebago Hike makes it up with the amenities and features it can provide you for utmost comfort. With built-in wifi prep and USB charger ports, campers or travelers can surf the net or work on the go. The kitchen comes with the necessary appliances that you would need to cook your meals such as a microwave, refrigerator, and a burner cooktop.

The Winnebago Hike doesn't lack anything you would need for a trip, making it a hassle-free experience. This travel trailer has been rightly upgraded to make each of your camping or traveling adventures comfortable and memorable.

(-) Small space (+) Has numerous amenities
(+) Light-weight

[5] Polydrops's P17A

The Polydrop P17A travel trailer is one that looks like it came out of a sci-fi movie. It has a modern look to it while still providing luxury and comfort to your travels. The travel trailer is one that is small but can fit a lot using its save-spacing furniture and appliances. The Polydrop P17A is a great choice for beginners who wish to test out the waters of owning a small trailer before choosing to commit to a bigger one. It is also able to be towed by any vehicle, which makes it convenient to bring along with you using whatever vehicle you own.


  • Kitchenette.
  • Bedroom.
  • Solar-powered system.

Why the Polydrops's P17A is a Good Travel Trailer?

This model is highly engineered and all-electric with built-in solar panels that can power up your appliances easily. The solar charging system can charge up to 12 kWh lithium batteries, which can power an air conditioner, heater, and induction stove. It can also power a 110V outlet, which you can use to charge your devices to be able to work on the go. The kitchenette is a pull-out system, which efficiently saves up space and lightens the load. There is also a fridge and freezer built-in, perfect for storing ingredients that are soon to be cooked.

The Polydrop P17A travel trailer has all of the features and essentials needed for a camping trip, all the while saving the space and energy you need to expend. It has a lot of energy-efficient measures that are sure to make your camping or travel trips worthwhile. The travel trailer then comes at a mid-range price of $24,990.

(-) No shower or toilet (+) Saves space
(+) Energy-saving


In many ways, a travel trailer represents the balance between living large and living small. You can have a spacious living area to call your own with plenty of storage space and its own bathroom, or you could spend a little less on a smaller model with fewer amenities. Either way, a good trailer will provide everything you need to make your vacation great.

Thus, if you are in the market for a travel trailer and looking for one within your price range, going over any of these top five models should give you all that you need. These trailers will offer you quality, comfort, convenience, and great mobility, making it easier for you to take your trailer or RV to any destination, whether it's close to home or across the country, without worrying about your investment.

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