5 Exercises to Counteract Sitting All Day

A long day of sitting either spending it on your computer or anywhere that will require you to sit can make you feel stiff, dead tired, and will affect your ability to work. But doing light exercises that fit your body would be a big help for your body and health.

5 Exercises to Counteract Sitting All Day

Was it ever brought to your attention that sitting for more than three to four hours a day has a negative impact on your health, particularly your metabolism? Sitting for four hours or more has been shown to increase harmful fats in the body. But don't panic; there are workouts that can help you counteract the harmful consequences of sitting for long periods of time during the day.

If you -for example- have a job that requires sitting all day, there are some simple and easy exercises that you can do while sitting, in addition to stretching when seated. If you don't want to commit a lot of time to exercise but yet want to get some benefit from it, these exercises are ideal for you to try.

Sitting All Day?!!

Accept it: there are times when we are too sluggish to get up and do some workouts in between our workday activities. It will take far too long for us, and we will do so without recognizing the consequences it will have on our bodies.

However, here are some basic and quick workouts that you may do while sitting:

[1] Leg Lifts

We frequently perform this as one of the exercises while sitting.

How To Do

  • While being seated, keep your feet flat on the floor.
  • Starting with your right leg (or left, depending on which one you want to start with) slowly lift your leg up, until you reach the underside of your desk.
  • Do ten sets of eight reps on each leg.


It will be quite beneficial in terms of strengthening your thigh and core muscles. It will also prevent you from having leg cramps as a result of being sat for the majority of the day.
Aside from the fact that it is very convenient and simple to perform, it will not take up a lot of your time or effort.

(-) Doing this exercise with incorrect posture and form will result in injuries (+) Leg lifts prevent you from having back pains, especially when you are sitting for a whole day
(-) If you lift your legs wrong, you will have a back injury

[2] Rotating At The Waist

You can use the backrest of your chair while doing this simple exercise while sitting.

How To Do

  • Rotate at your waist to the left and hold it for about five to ten seconds.
  • Then repeat it now to your right side.
  • Do five sets on each side.


While sitting down, it's a frequent workout to perform when you're feeling stiff. And it's one of the simplest exercises while sitting to accomplish as well. It also takes care of your shoulder and back problems, among other things.
If you are unsure of how to go about it, you can always look it up on the internet.
In the event that you are too exhausted after sitting and stretching, you can perform this exercise while standing up.

(-) Too much waist rotation could lead to serious chronic back pain (+) With the proper way of doing this exercise, it will definitely help your core muscles
(-) There are times that it won't work for some people (+) It will also burn about ten calories in your body

[3] Elbow Curls

Do this activity with caution and knowledge of your own body when performing this as one of the exercises while sitting.

How To Do

  • First, sit straight.
  • Now, raise your arms at your side until your knuckles reach your temple.
  • Then, bring your elbows together and put them back at the starting point.
  • Keep doing it at moderate speed for about thirty minutes.


When your arms get fatigued after sitting at a computer all day, elbow curls are a great exercise to do.
Note, If you use too much effort on your shoulders and arms, you may wind up causing more muscular pain than you are able to alleviate.

(-) Putting too much weight on your elbows could lead to the outside or inside injuries (+) Facilitating your day-to-day activities will be much easier whenever you do elbow curls
(+) It will boost your athletic performance

[4] Lunge and Rotate

Doing this as one of the exercises while sitting will assist you in addressing a number of issues that have arisen as a result of sitting all day.

How To Do

  • Open up and do some stretching of your hip flexors on the back leg while in a lounge position.
  • For your front leg, stretch your glutes and adductors.
  • Now, stretch and rotate your upper back.


this is excellent for alleviating the discomfort caused by sitting for long periods of time. It will also be beneficial to do some light stretches before beginning this exercise, especially for those who are just getting started with it.
In addition, requesting the services of experienced trainers would be beneficial. Whatever you decide will work out for you.

(-) Doing lunges without proper and incorrect form can lead to tweaks and you might up end up having multiple injuries on your joints (+) Lunge and rotate will strengthen the glutes and your leg muscles
(+) It will help to improve the flexibility of your hips
(+) It will develop balance, coordination, and stability of your legs and your body, as well
(+) It helps to lose weight and improves your body posture

[5] Hinge, Hold, & Stretch

This particular workout necessitates that you be mindful of your own body. It will take some time for folks who are completely unfamiliar with the practice to grasp the notion.

How To Do

  • Standing up with your feet at hip-width.
  • With soft knees, break or hinge at your waist.
  • Remember to keep your muscles engaged and your spine in a neutral position.
  • For about ten to thirty seconds, hold it first with your shoulder blades squeezing your back.
  • And for another ten to thirty seconds, do it now with your outstretched arms.


It will take a lot of practice to become proficient. But, believe me when I say that completing this exercise is quite useful, especially for folks who spend their days sitting at a desk.

When you perform this as one of the exercises while sitting in this position, you will suffer muscle exhaustion.
Remember that you are the only one who knows how much strength or pain your body is capable of withstanding at any one time.

(-) If you relax your muscles when you do this exercise, it will lead to a back injury (+) It will reduce back pain
(-) Hip hinging is different from squatting so keep that in mind to avoid getting yourself hurt (+) Improves your balance
(+) Better flexion, extension, and rotation of your trunk

Guidelines When Looking For Exercises

I know that exercising takes too much energy and effort but it has health benefits that you will gain when you start doing it and doing exercises without knowing what is good for your body will just bring more pain and injuries.

It's important to consider your options in choosing a physical activity regarding your health and body. Here are some notes for you to keep in mind when you do an exercise activity;

  • Make sure that you will enjoy doing the exercise you choose
    We're aware that there are a variety of workouts available, many of which can be performed while seated. Nevertheless, if you aren't having fun, you'll soon lose interest. Find an activity that you look forward to doing each and every day.

  • Choose your health first
    If engaging in physical activity will help you with your health problems, that is a wonderful thing. However, you should always get the opinion of your health care provider before beginning an exercise program. Before engaging in any physical activity, schedule a check-up with your doctor to ensure that you are not aggravating your current health condition.

  • Do a warm-up and listen to your body
    Before beginning any physical activity, it is essential that you warm up properly. Preventing further pain or worsening injuries is the first step. When working out, be sure to pay attention to your body's signals. Is your body able to adapt to the changes? Are there any exercises whole sitting that you can do without overworking your muscles and becoming stressed? Your body is aware of the things it is capable of coping with.


Dr. Erin Policelli, the founder of Stretch Kinetics said sitting for extended periods of time is bad news because it can tighten your hip flexors which could lead to lower back pain. I know that starting doing exercises could be challenging for you but if you make it a habit, you will develop a good posture and will improve your health even though you are sitting all day doing your desk work.

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