5 Honeymoon Destinations You Should Consider - 2022

Whether you want to relax on a beach with coconut or embark on an adventure with a brave gourmet, or metropolitan folk, you may be able to locate romantic settings close and distant.

5 Honeymoon Destinations You Should Consider - 2022

This adventure does not end with the honeymoon. More daring travels may be planned in the future, most likely with larger families. However, the first post-wedding excursion is one you'll never forget. This phase has more meaning than you believe. After all the preparation and stress, it allows you to spend quality time together. Things happen here that you will never forget, and it sets a fantastic example for what you will do in the future. In today's article, we've compiled a thorough list of five honeymoon destinations that we think is best for newlyweds. Enjoy!

[1] Bali, Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia

A Bali honeymoon is a dream come true. Sulawesi, Indonesia's lone Hindu Island is a perfect site for couples seeking romantic adventures. You can also check out Bali, Indonesia's most popular tourist destination, including Rice terraces, temples, art, and music venues (more than a thousand of them).

So, staying at the Four Seasons Bali in Sayan is simple to get into the mood. Stay at Mulia Villas if you like the sea.

Romantic Things to Look Forward to In Bali

  • At Six Senses Uluwatu, you can relax and enjoy the fantastic ocean views.
    The Six Senses resort in Pecatu offers five-star service and amenities on a cliff above the forest in a secluded location.

  • Relax and re-energize at The Samata.
    This hotel is located in a peaceful part of Sanur, ideal for relaxing and enjoying the island life.

  • Beautiful sunset at Tanah Lot Temple.
    Tanah Lot is a must-see in Bali for its spectacular sunset vistas and crashing surf.

  • Enjoy the breathtaking views of the region while visiting Uluwatu's temple.
    Sunset enhances the beauty of the landscape. This is the location to go for a romantic evening. It has a similar sunset to Tanah Lot Temple.

  • The Jatiluwih rice terraces are nearby Tabanan.
    This excursion takes you through tranquil paddy rice farms.

Why Bali Is The Best Honeymoon Destination?

Bali, the "Island of the Gods," is a spectacularly gorgeous honeymoon destination with something for everyone. There are exotic temples in natural surroundings, towering volcanoes, pristine woods, rich wildlife, and stunning sunsets.

After dark, prominent nightclubs will have packed dance floors. Relax on Bali's most incredible beaches, surf the waves, or simply hang out at one of the island's top beach clubs all day. This city has a lot to offer digital nomads and foreigners. Bali is undoubtedly one of the most romantic honeymoon destinations for newlyweds.

(-) Poverty (+) Check in to private villas
(-) Overcrowding (+) Enjoy water sports events
(-) No public transportation (+) There are beaches and waterfalls to visit
(-) Pollution (+) Making your jewelry is a satisfying experience
(+) Local traditions
(+) Some activities release adrenaline
(+) You can go shopping or hike mountains
(+) Try Balinese dancing

[2] Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas

Do you consider yourself a hipster? Do you enjoy music? You may be drooling due to BBQ thoughts. Take a road trip to Austin, Texas' trendiest city. Despite Austin's lack of romanticism, a sunset vista from Mount Bonnell and Lake Travis has its attractions.

If you want to get away from the city, you may stay at Travaasa Austin, a luxury spa resort outside of the town. On South Congress, you may eat, drink, and window shop.

Romantic Things to Look Forward to In Austin

  • Go to a spa and relax.
    There are several spas in Austin where you may relax and forget about your problems. Book the Delicious Duet Couples Spa Package at Viva Day Spa for a romantic getaway.

  • Try hiking.
    Hiking in Texas' Barton Creek Greenbelt is popular. It boasts about 13 miles of trails, making it one of the greatest.

  • Play golf.
    A round of golf may be a fun way to compete with your buddies. Drinks and golf in your bay at Topgolf Austin.

Why Austin, Texas Is One of The Best Honeymoon Destination?

Austin isn't one of the most romantic honeymoon destinations, but it should be. Its distinctive atmosphere, vibrant nightlife, and stunning surroundings make it a great place to spend a day with loved ones or friends.

Date ideas are a great place to think outside the box. It's not just feasible to go beyond the typical "dinner and a movie," but even that tried and true formula may be tweaked.

(-) Adaptation will take time in this instance. However, there's always the cinema, the springs, or renting a sailboat to cruise around the neighboring lakes for those traveling through on their honeymoon (+) Live music venues abound throughout the city. You may find live music at theaters and clubs. Listening to music from many genres may lead to fresh discoveries
(-) Austin may not have a public metro or rail system. Instead, the city is built for driving. If you don't want to use the bus, you may bring your own vehicle or hire one because so many people move, and traffic may be stressful (+) You don't need as many layers in this metropolis in the summer. The humidity in Austin has made it one of the favorite honeymoon destinations for couples
(-) It's hard to say no to eating out every day when so much excellent local cuisine is available. A party menu might include barbecues, tacos, enchiladas, and other delicacies. On your honeymoon, you should develop self-discipline so you can remain within your budget and eat what you want (+) Three lakes within walking distance provide fishing, boating, kayaking, rafting, and swimming. You may also utilize the many parks in and around Austin for biking and hiking

[3] Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Prepare to dance the sensuous and exciting Tango on your honeymoon in Argentina. People from all around come to experience the capital's nightlife. Stay at the Faena Hotel Buenos Aires or the Four Seasons Hotel Buenos Aires.

Enjoy the colorful culture, locally produced cuisine, and beautiful surroundings from the comfort of a bicycle or a stylish hotel room.

Romantic Things to Look Forward to In Buenos Aires

  • Learn the Tango.
    This is when two bodies move together. Even though dancing requires time and effort, you may learn the fundamentals and develop your abilities while on vacation.

  • Eat-in Buenos Aires Carnivores.
    This is where you can purchase the world's greatest grass-fed, hormone-free steak. You can buy it here. Meat is usually offered.

  • A kiss on the Woman's Bridge.
    Take the Puente de la Mujer, or "Woman's Bridge," for an intimate kiss in Buenos Aires. The spinning footbridge was created by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. It resembles a soaring bird or a tango pair, depending on how you look.

Why Austin, Texas Is One of The Best Honeymoon Destination?

Buenos Aires never sleeps. The city's nightlife is renowned. It features local pubs, award-winning cocktail bars, huge clubs, hidden concert venues, and subterranean nightclubs for everyone. That is why it is considered one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in the world.

(-) Poor customer service and overall service (+) They may enjoy a historical urban paradise, summer fun, and a cheap trip to Europe if they are from outside the US
(-) Supermarkets don't have many healthy organic selections (+) Less jet lags
(-) There is a lot of trash, dog waste, pollution, and other filth (+) Buenos Aires is a sophisticated city with a lot of Latin passion
(-) Sadly, there is a crime (+) Argentina offers everything, from calm beaches to glacier tours

[4] Colorado


Many individuals believe Colorado is a lovely location to live in or spend their honeymoon in for many reasons. Winter: It's lovely when it's snowed. Summer: It is much more gorgeous when green.

Romantic Things to Look Forward to In Colorado

  • Drive downtown.
    Those that love you will be able to tell their own narrative. BOOK A CARRIAGE RIDE TO YOUR HAPPY ENDING!

  • A trip in the plant garden.
    It's possible to become bored with gifting your lover flowers. What if you gave them a garden? You may do this in the Denver Botanic Garden. Every January and February, an orchid display is held. So far, no one has been let down.

  • Resort at Denver's Museum of Art Hotel.
    Do you like art? If so, you'll love this romantic hotel. But it's not all they have. Their eatery is named Fire Restaurant. A nice and high-class atmosphere with firepits and city views.

Why Colorado Is One of The Best Honeymoon Destination?

Colorado is a gorgeous area and many couples pick it for their honeymoon. The views are fantastic, and the countryside is stunning. Consider the Rocky Mountains.

Do you consider Colorado as one of your favorite honeymoon destinations, too?

(-) Traffic is bad (+) Colorado concludes your honeymoon in some of America's most gorgeous locales
(-) Tourists and newcomers are not always welcomed by locals (+) The Great Outdoors is a must-see for outdoor enthusiasts
(-) Even though Colorado is near the water, swimming is not extremely popular (+) This hotel offers stunning views of the Rockies and the San Juan Mountains

[5] Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark

Even though most words in Copenhagen are challenging to pronounce, that's part of the joy. The land with the Little Mermaid sculpture, enormous castles, and high-fashion design is accessible and personal.

Away from the city, take day outings to forest Edens, and at night, Hygge at a fine hotel like the old Hotel d'Angleterre. There will be candles, wine, pastries, and a roaring fire.

Romantic Things to Look Forward to In Copenhagen

  • Observatory Hill offers sweeping views of the city.

  • This 19th-century gallery has exciting paintings. This gallery has around 10,000 masterpieces.

  • See Bertel Thorvaldsen's 1800s sculpture collection.

Why Copenhagen Is One of The Best Honeymoon Destination?

Copenhagen has so many cafés, culture, and history it's hard to keep up. It's a cosmopolitan city full of surprises. Copenhagen has so many cafés, culture, and history it's hard to keep up.

It's a cosmopolitan city full of surprises. In Copenhagen, you'll learn about the notion of Hygge. It's a way of life for Danes.

(-) Even if you just stay a few days, you will need to know Danish (+) Equality is alive
(-) The weather in Denmark may be challenging (+) Safe place for honeymoon couples
(-) It doesn't have much sun (+) Always close to the beach

Quick Tips On How To Choose Your Ideal Honeymoon Destination

  • Make your own list.
  • Focus on overlapping areas.
  • Stick to a budget. Read this article to know How To Travel On A Budget.
  • Devise a strategy to maximize your time.
  • Always consider a "mini-moon".


After marriage, the honeymoon comes next. Make the most out of it, but make sure to plan everything carefully so it will be worth it in the end. Out of the five honeymoon destinations, which one stood out for you the best?

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