5 The Best Clothing Irons

Having a good iron at home or during your travels is a need to ensure that your fabrics are crispy and clean.

5 The Best Clothing Irons

We can all agree that a clothing iron is a household necessity for making sure that all your clothing and bedsheets are crisp and clean. But with the numerous models available on the market, it's difficult to choose which one is the best.

When looking for the best clothing iron, you should take into consideration some factors. For example, what kind of fabric do you plan on ironing? Are they delicate fabrics such as polyester and silk? Or do you have thicker and more stubborn fabrics such as linen and cotton?

These factors will help you decide on which iron is best for you. To help you out, here are some of our top picks for the best clothing irons.

Best Option #1 Professional Grade 1700W Steam Iron View on Amazon
Best Option #2 Rowenta Professional DW5280 Iron View on Amazon
Best Option #3 BEAUTURAL Steam Iron View on Amazon
Best Option #4 BLACK+DECKER IR1010 Iron View on Amazon
Best Option #5 Utopia Home Steam Iron View on Amazon

[1] Professional Grade 1700W Steam Iron

Rated as the top best-selling clothing iron on Amazon, the Pursteam Professional Grade 1700W Steam Iron has all the features you will need at a good price.

There have been more than twenty-five thousand purchases of this model, which speaks of its quality and how well you get the bang for the buck.


As you can see, the Pursteam Professional Grade 1700W Steam Iron makes sure that your clothes will be ironed well at a quick speed with its built-in high-grade technology. There have been several buyers of this model that have left reviews stating how quickly their clothes were ironed and that the powerful steam produced is enough to iron clothes with thick or stubborn fabric.

Why The Professional Grade 1700W Steam is a Great Iron?

The Pursteam Professional Grade 1700W Steam Iron may just be the best clothing iron as to recent reviews that come at a good price.

The reason for it being huge and heavy is that it requires a lot of water to produce powerful steam that can iron your clothes at a much quicker pace.

(-) Uses a lot of water (+) Quick ironing of clothes
(-) Huge and heavy (+) No dripping of water

[2] Rowenta Professional DW5280 Iron

The Rowenta Professional DW5280 is a professional iron that is crafted by high-grade German engineering. With its lightweight model, you can easily iron clothes for long periods of time without straining yourself. With close to eleven thousand ratings, this iron is said to be one of the top-selling and performing iron.


  • Versatile: Can safely iron fabrics such as cotton, wool, polyester, rayon, and silk.

  • Good steam distribution: There are 400 active holes on the soleplate that perfectly distribute steam.

  • Highly precise ironing tip: With this highly precise ironing tip, you can easily iron hard-to-reach places and make sure you get every bit of wrinkle on your fabric.

  • Transparent water tank window: This allows you to see how much water you have left. Also, you can precisely adjust the water level.

  • Self-clean and anti-scale setting: This is to ensure durable performance when using the iron. The self-clean and anti-scale setting makes sure that the next time you use the iron, it's at peak performance.

  • Anti-drip feature: This helps avoid stains on the fabric and make sure that there's no water wasted.

  • Easy vertical steaming function: This is so that you can iron clothes that are hung.

  • Auto-Off function: For extra safety, the iron shuts off when not used for a certain period of time.

  • These features are a necessity for any high-quality clothing iron. Having good steam distribution while allowing easy vertical ironing, this iron is sure to make your ironing activities worthwhile.

Why The Rowenta Professional DW5280 is a Great Iron?

These pros and cons came from actual reviews of users that have tried and tested this product. Most have positive reviews as it's truly a great clothing iron.

However, some users have complained about their iron leaking or that the dial of the temperature setting is in an awkward place, making it difficult to read. Despite these reviews, the Rowenta Professional DW5280 is a great iron that does the job well.

(-) Sometimes leaks (+) Easy to use
(-) Dial is at an awkward place; hard to read (+) Lightweight
(-) Can be considered the most expensive one in this list (+) Several attractive features
(+) Good stream distribution

[3] BEAUTURAL Steam Iron

The BEAUTURAL Steam Iron is a professional-grade iron that comes with a lot of features needed for a high-quality iron. The company has stated that all of its products have been tested before shipping, which ensures that all the products they sell are up to their standards.


The iron also has a high-precision tip which allows you to iron harder-to-reach places. With its vertical steam option, you can steam iron clothes that are hung. Its shut-off system also ensures that you are safe when not using the iron.

Why The BEAUTURAL Steam is a Great Iron?

Upon knowing its features, pros, and cons, the BEAUTURAL Steam Iron is a good choice for many. It can get the job done as quickly as you would like.

(-) Doesn't have a retractable cord (+) Easy to maneuver
(-) Dial sometimes gets stuck (+) Lightweight
(+) Heats up quickly

[4] BLACK+DECKER IR1010 Iron

The BLACK+DECKER IR1010 is a compact, lightweight iron that uses cutting-edge technology to make sure that your fabrics are cleaned up nicely.

It has many features that every iron needs to get the job done. With more than seven thousand purchases, this budget-friendly clothing iron is good for your clothing and your wallet.


  • SmartSteam Technology: SmartSteam automatically optimizes the amount of steam based on the temperature you select.

  • Anti-Drip: The iron is engineered to prevent dripping by closely regulating water temperatures.

  • Spray Mist: With a push of a button, the spray mist helps moisten fabrics in order to quickly smooth away deep wrinkles.

  • Automatic Shutoff: To ensure safety, the iron shuts off when left unattended for 30 seconds on its side or soleplate, and after 8 minutes on the heel rest.

  • With its SmartSteam Technology, you can easily optimize the amount of steam the iron produces depending on the temperature that you select. Along with its spray mist feature, you can easily moisten and soothe away deep wrinkles in your fabrics. To ensure that you are safe when not using the iron, it has a built-in automatic shut-off feature that allows the iron to power down quickly.

Why The BLACK+DECKER IR1010 is a Great Iron?

Frankly, this is one of the most technologically advanced and convenient irons you can purchase for your home.

Sometimes, it's a trial and error for some of these irons as some products are trickier to use than others. However, this iron is still on our list as it gets the job done.

(-) Door for water is awkward (+) Lightweight
(-) Steam comes out in weird channels (+) Can easily maneuver

[5] Utopia Home Steam Iron

If you're looking for a steam iron that you can bring along with you in your travels, you can opt to purchase the Utopia Home Steam Iron. It's compact, lightweight, and smaller compared to other products, making it ideal for when you have little space in your luggage for the appliance.


  • Lightweight: It's ideal for travel.

  • Vertical steaming: It can be used vertically to steam clothes on a hanger or to take out wrinkles from curtains and drapes.

  • Water capacity: 200 millimeters of water tank makes adequate steam for clothes, drapes, and curtains.

  • 360-degree swivel cord: This makes it easier to iron or steam vertically without worrying about the cord tangling.

  • Adjustable thermostat control: Easily adjust the temperature to suit different types of fabric.

  • Overheat safety protection: Ensures that you are safe from being harmed by the heat of the iron.

  • Non-stick soleplate: The non-stick soleplate makes sure that your clothes or fabrics will not get burned by the iron.

  • Variable steam control: Easily adjust the steam produced by the iron for different types of fabric.

Why The Utopia Home Steam is a Great Iron?

The Utopia Home Steam Iron can hold a lot of water for steaming your fabrics, making sure that your ironing activities are worthwhile. With its vertical steaming function, you can iron clothes that are hung or even your curtains and drapes. The adjustable thermostat control allows you to iron different types of clothing that require varying temperatures.

This budget-friendly steam iron shows that you don't have to spend much to get a quality product. It has all the features needed for a good iron and does the job well. It's easy to use and carry around, perfect for your travels.

(-) Water sometimes leaks (+) Lightweight
(+) Compact
(+) Easy to use
(+) Budget-friendly


Whether you are ironing stubborn or delicate fabrics, take into consideration if the iron you're going to purchase allows different temperature settings. Depending on the weight and size of the iron that you can handle are also factors when choosing your ideal iron.

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