How to Pass Time While Traveling?

It's important to know how to pass time while traveling. It can make the difference between a great trip and a not-so-great one!

How to Pass Time While Traveling?

We all love traveling. It's exciting and new and lets us break out of our routines for a bit. But let's face it - traveling can be boring. You might not know anyone or anything in the area, you may be stuck waiting somewhere for an extended period of time, or maybe your flight got delayed and you need to find something to do while you wait.

[1] Write a Novel

One of the best ways to pass the time while traveling is to write a novel. Set a goal for yourself each day and try to meet it. You can write about what you see, where you go, and what happens along the way. If you have an idea for a story that takes place on your travels, this is also a good method of keeping yourself occupied as well as getting some writing done!

You could also look into keeping a journal during your trip so that when it's over and forgotten, at least there will be something left behind! Otherwise, if you're looking for inspiration but don't want something too personal or emotionally taxing (like journaling), try writing down short stories based on experiences while traveling through various parts of the world!

[2] Take Lots of Photos

Reading can distract you from your boredom through an interesting story or book.

If you want to know how to pass time while traveling, you will want to take lots of photos. This is a good way to keep track of your travels and share them with friends and family who couldn't make the trip with you.

You should get a camera that has enough space for taking pictures so that you can take plenty of photos while traveling. Make sure that all your photos are stored in one place, like an online cloud storage account or hard drive on your laptop computer, so they'll be easy to find later on when looking back at them!

Here are some ideas for what kinds of things would be great candidates:

  • Scenery (landscapes, mountains/hills/etc).
  • People (friends who went with you).
  • Food (yum!)

[3] Play Video Games

If you're traveling via plane, train, car, or bus, there are a few ways to know how to pass time while traveling. One of these ways is by playing video games. Video games are a great way to make your travel time more interesting and enjoyable.

You can play them on your phone or tablet (if you have one). If not, then you might have access to computers at the airport or public library that has Internet access where you can play online video games for free as long as there's power available for charging your battery-powered devices.

[4] Play Travel Games

Playing travel games is a great way to pass time while traveling. They can be played with a group or just with one other person. Travel games enhance the memory of the trip and can be a way to bond with people you are traveling with. You should make sure to play travel games that will not get lost or damaged if they get wet or dirty in case it rains on your outing.

There are many different types of travel games such as word searches, crossword puzzles, and card games that are easy enough for kids but still challenging enough for adults. There is no right or wrong way to play these types of activities so feel free to use whatever materials work best for your needs such as paper tablets like iPads which have apps specifically designed for word searches.

[5] Ask Other Travelers About Their Travels

As you're waiting for your flight, you might notice fellow passengers who are taking a more laid-back approach to their flights. They may be reading or sleeping, but they're not glued to their phones. Instead of being envious of this group of people who have plenty of time on their hands, ask them about their travels!

You can learn a lot from other travelers - what they did while traveling, where they've been traveling, and what places they recommend visiting (and which ones not). You might be surprised at how much information a person has about their own experiences and even other people's experiences!

If you're lucky enough to talk with someone who is able to give descriptive details about the sights that he or she has seen during his or her travels, consider yourself lucky because it will make your trip seem less boring when you come back home from seeing nothing but big buildings in cities like New York City or London.

[6] Watch the Scenery

The scenery is a great place to focus your attention in order to know how to pass time while traveling. You'll be able to take stock of the beauty around you and learn more about the world.

Take in the majesty of nature by looking for animal signs such as tracks on a dirt road or an upraised tail crossing a field.

Look at clouds as they move across the sky, following their pattern and shape with your eyes. Observe how they change from one moment to another, whether that means shifting from white billows to dark puffs or parting into distinct shapes like fingers or rabbits. Watching a natural phenomenon can be incredibly calming and relaxing-and it's a great way to pass time when traveling!

[7] Watch a Movie or Series

Bringing along a portable DVD player or tablet is a great way to pass the time during your trip. If you have any favorite movies or series, it's always better to bring them with you on your travels. This way, you can enjoy watching them whenever you want! Not to mention, there's the beauty of streaming platforms now, where you can watch all your favorite movies and shows.

If there are other people traveling with you and they aren't interested in seeing the same movie as you, then let everyone choose one movie each (or two). This will help make sure that everyone gets something out of their trip without having to share space on what they want to watch.

[8] Listen to Your Favorite Music

The scenery is a great place to focus your attention. You'll be able to take stock of the beauty around you.

Listening to music can be a great way to pass the time on your trip. Many people use their headphones as a way to relax and unwind after a long day of travel, but they can also help you sleep if you're feeling tired.

If you're looking for something that has more variety than just your favorite album, it's easy enough to find an internet radio station or two that suits your taste in music. You may discover new artists while listening that have never been on your radar before.

[9] Read a Book

There are many reasons to read a book while traveling. The first reason is obvious - you can get lost in the book, and forget about your surroundings. The second reason is that it can be relaxing. If you want to know how to pass time while traveling, reading a book can distract you from your boredom through an interesting story or book.

You might also want to read a book that you've always wanted to read or one that you can't put down, or even an old favorite that has stood the test of time. If none of these options appeal to you, consider reading something in a genre (or style) that's new for you; such as science fiction, fantasy, or historical fiction novels.

[10] Create a Travel Video

If you have a smartphone, the simplest way to create a travel video is by filming your journey with it. You can do this while you're out and about (especially if you have a dedicated video recording app), or in more formal settings like a hotel room. An alternative is to use your digital camera as well-though this may require some post-production work on your computer. Check this article on best camcorders you can bring along.

If you're not sure where to start, look up some tutorials on YouTube for tips and tricks on how to make good videos. Once all of that's done, there are lots of ways that you can share them with friends and family. Post them on social media, send them via email, put them on slideshows, create an online personal movie gallery, and the list goes on!

[11] Make a Blog About Your Travels

If you're an avid blogger, consider using a travel blog as your way to share your experiences with others. Blogging is a great way to keep a journal of your travels and share it with other people who are interested in seeing what else is out there. If you're not so sure about the whole blogging thing, don't worry!

You can start by just writing down some thoughts about what you did each day or night during your trip, then post them on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook for friends and family members at home to read them as well. If they like what they see, they may suggest that you start blogging or even help create an account for yourself on one of the many popular blogging sites (such as Wordpress).


Traveling is something to be enjoyed, not endured. However, there will be inevitable moments of boredom when all you have to entertain yourself is the scenery outside the window. The tips mentioned above on how to pass time while traveling should encourage you to surpass those moments of boredom and have a memorable trip altogether.