10 Important Items to Take While Traveling

Traveling is supposed to be fun, but it's not so fun when the essentials are forgotten. Thus, it's absolutely vital to create a checklist of items to take while traveling.

10 Important Items to Take While Traveling

Traveling is something we all do at some point whether it be cross-country or international. Being able to see the world and experience its many cultures is quite a gift. However, the task of traveling can be a bit overwhelming sometimes especially when it comes to preparing for your trip. What exactly do you bring? Some people forgo the basic necessities for the sake of packing their luggage with their entire wardrobe, most of which they end up not wearing throughout the trip.

Most of the frustration people have while traveling has a lot to do with poor management. So, it's always best to make sure you pack your things in advance and be sure to double-check your travel bags. Preparedness takes the majority of pains out of the traveling process while allowing you to be 100% focused on your amazing trip. The following items can mean the difference between a great trip and a troublesome trip especially if you're traveling farther distances. Having these items with you on your next venture will ensure you have a stress-free and effortless journey wherever you choose to go. Here are some vital items you must take while traveling.

[1] Power Bank

Having your electronics is a must for traveling especially in the case of emergencies. You want to be able to alert someone for assistance for any inconveniences or even dangerous scenarios. Having a method to contact and inform someone of your whereabouts can be life-saving. So, it's not just important to have your electronics with you, but you should also bring extra chargers in case one ends up not working.

More importantly, it's wise to bring something you can plug your electronics into to charge up. You might not always be in an environment where wall outlets are available or functional. In short, a power bank is an external cell phone battery pack. It can also charge your iPad or tablet as power banks usually come with several USB ports, allowing you to charge multiple electronic devices at a time. There's even a solar power bank which you can charge in the sun which is very convenient if you're ever in a scenario where you don't have electricity.

[2] Chargers for Electronics

This should be a given. However, when you're in a rush to pack, there are often things we tend to cram in our luggage that we don't need and essentials we absolutely forget. A power bank will be useless to you if you don't bring chargers. Always bring an extra set of chargers for your devices. 2 or 3 will prove to be very beneficial if one breaks or you forget one at the airport, rest stop, etc.

[3] Headphones

When earplugs don't quite do it, some noise-canceling headphones are a wonderful substitute. Whether there's that crying baby on the plane or the loud, obnoxious noise in the background, having a good pair of headphones can help you stay calm and relaxed. These are definitely one of the must-have items to take while traveling.

Some good music helps to bring more life to your trip and even more memorable memories. There are several new headphones and earbuds on the market that improve listening capabilities by bounds and leaps. Check this BENGOO G9000 Headset review. Whether you choose to purchase a pair of earbuds, headphones, or a standard headset, it's an investment you won't regret!

[4] Ebooks and Audiobooks

It's always a good idea to walk with your own entertainment. Having a device for your ebooks and audiobooks is convenient and optimizes space. Let's say you can't decide on a book to bring. Having all your pre-downloaded eBooks on a tablet mitigates a lot of the space that would've been occupied had you packed physical copies.

Furthermore, if you want to rest your eyes during a long trip, feel free to put a soothing eye mask on and play an audiobook. Whether you enjoy fantasy, fiction, non-fiction, mystery, or romance, you can get all the entertainment you need in the palm of your hands. Apps like Audible and Kindle are great sources for your audio and eBooks needs.

[5] Medications and Supplements

If there's anything you should never forget while packing is your medications and supplements. Even if your trip is only for a few days, inconveniences and unplanned things still arise. It's good to be prepared even for the unexpected.

How many people have had their flights delayed for at least a few hours or even canceled last minute? These are another one of the items you must take while traveling as it's pertinent for your health. Make sure you bring medications and supplements to last an extra week in case you have a layover or emergency.

[6] Travel Pillow

You always see these on the plane and even in the airport lobby. To help reduce the chances of neck pain or back pain, having some good support is essential. It's not helpful for your body to be in pain during a trip especially if you're traveling for some vacation time.

Who wants to be in pain? Moreover, who wants their body to ache while traveling? Having a travel pillow helps to make your traveling experience a lot more comfortable.

[7] Mini First-Aid Kit

Another one of the items you must have while traveling is a first-aid kit. Even if you're just going over state borders, having a first-aid kit can come in handy for yourself or anyone around you who happens to be hurt. This is an item you should always try to keep close to you as a form of preparedness. Having the necessary disinfectant and bandaging will help reduce the chances of infection and wound progression significantly.

A few items you'll find in a mini-first aid kit include gauze, alcoholic wipes, cotton swabs, surgical thread, surgical needles, bandages, and more. You can even purchase a few extra items you feel will be a feasible addition to your mini first-aid kit. Having an emergency snack is also a good idea to avoid energy crashes or low blood sugar.

[8] Padlock

If you're in a dodgy location, having a padlock will help you to protect all of your belongings. It's common for many people to carry these around in the gym locker room to protect their items while they're getting their workout in or in the shower. You can never be too safe, especially when protecting your personal belongings.

Padlocks are pretty cheap and effective for serving its purpose so long as you remember the code to your lock. Instead of having to constantly keep a watchful eye over your items, you can rest assured knowing that all your stuff is protected from pesky thieves.

[9] Water Canteen

Water is something we all need to survive. It's likely most people won't get stranded in an airport or bus terminal. However, dehydration is a leading cause to a variety of unpleasant ailments. Some of the side effects of being dehydrated include dizziness, mental fog, headaches, migraines, body aches, fainting, water retention, and much more.

A lack of water also boosts your immunity and minimizes the likelihood of you getting sick which can be a common threat to one while traveling afar and being in a different environment, having a good-sized water canteen can help you exponentially to keep your energy raised and help your mind stay clear. Try to bring a big water canteen or water jug that can hold at least 8 glasses of water. It's not always safe to drink from an unknown water supply as some sources have very unclean water with numerous chemicals.

[10] Sunscreen

Sunscreen will save your skin many years of aging and sun damage. Having sunscreen with an SPF of 60 or above is always recommended to protect your skin from harmful UV lights. Unfortunately, sunscreen is something many people take for granted.

Using regular lotion isn't enough when it comes to protecting the skin from the sun. Sunscreen isn't just for trips at the beach, but for regular usage whenever you leave the house. But, in the case you do go to a warmer climate, it's a must-have item for your traveling bag and will save you from any sun burn.


Traveling is such a wonderful activity especially when you're prepared for the unexpected scenarios life happens to throw your way. By packing in the items listed above in your luggage, you can avoid some unsavory and unpleasant traveling experiences. Having at least half of these items in your traveling bag will decrease the majority of any stress or frustration that comes with traveling, allowing you to get the most out of your trip!

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