Inkbird Sous Vide Precision Cooker: Product Review

This sturdy, well designed sous vide immersion cooker has all what you need. It works with your home WiFi, has a user friendly LCD screen and runs quietly. It fits inside any cooking device and heats food evenly while also keeping it tender and moist.

Inkbird Sous Vide Precision Cooker: Product Review

The Inkbird wifi sous-vide precision cooker help you cook like a pro. Simply pair with Inkbird Smart app to manage your cook everywhere of your wifi range, then will free you and have more time with families and friends.

Product Features

Wifi Remote Control
This WIFI cooker once connected with your router via APP InkbirdPro, it could be controlled from anywhere.
Powerful Yet Quiet Cooker
This cooker keeps a homogeneous temperature for up to 20 L of water.
Intelligent Design
This cooker features a wide temperature range of 77-210 °F (25-99 °C) within 0.1 °C accuracy and intuitive LCD touch controls.
Cook Like a Chef
Achieves restaurant quality meals with ease thanks to precise temperature control and easy-to-follow cooking recipe book.
Reliable Cooking Partner
Additional calibration function is added, which can keep a more accurate temperature at any time. Calibration range: -10 °F~10 °F.
Protection and Alarm
This cooker will stop working and alarm you when the water level is lower than the minimum, or temprature reaches traget value set.
Novel Way of Cooking
Keeps the raw materials fresh, juicy and healthy.
Savor Every Bite
Your food will slowly cook in its own juices as it soaks up the flavor of your marinades and seasonings.
Ultrafast Water Circulation
Immersion circulator cooker heats evenly through the 3D water flow.
Up to 100 Hours of Timing
Inkbird's slow cooker allows you to set longer cooking times, up to 99 hours and 59 minutes.

Why You Should Buy The Inkbird Sous Vide

  1. Accuracy
    The Inkbird ISV-100W sous vide has an incredibly accurate temperature. In fact, it’s one of the most accurate sous vide machines available.

  2. Smart App
    With the Inkbird Smart app, you’re able to control and monitor your sous vide cooking no matter where you are.

  3. Quicker Coocker
    This is a 1,000-watt sous vide immersion circulator, so it heats quicker than many other budget-friendly units.

  4. Silent
    Despite its power, this sous vide machine is virtually silent.

(-) Slower to heat up water than some of its peers (+) It’s one of the most accurate sous vide machines available
(-) Setting the temperature can be annoying as you have to hit ‘set’ multiple times (+) Good budget friendly kitchen gadget
(-) The manual isn’t all that comprehensive (+) The unit is very well built, stainless steel, sturdy plastic, quite heavy and dependable

Buying Guide

  • "Sous vide" is a French term that translates to “under vacuum,”. You put the ingredients in an airtight bag, then immerse the bag in a large pot of hot water where your food cooks gradually.

  • It’s important to note your food can take a while to cook this way, but that just means your meat is cooked well without being overdone.

  • You’ll need cooking bags to insert your foods into the water, and a vacuum-sealing system to make your food airtight.

  • If you choose a cooker with an app, you can also control cooking remotely.

  • The wattage of your sous vide immersion cooker is also important. The higher the wattage, the more foods you can cook.

  • Pay close attention to the temperature range of the immersion cooker you choose.

  • You’ll need to maintain a minimum water level for your food to cook properly.